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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
NP GREEN_RIVER Business Car M530 PS   HW business car.2
NP GREENRIVER Business Car M530 PS    1
NP YAKIMA_RIVER Business Car M530 PS   YAKIMA RIVER, P-S, Lot #6952, Plan #7645, 1955, to BN #A6 MISSOURI RIVER/#800271/BNSF #42
NP 2 Business Car M530 PS   MADISON RIVER1
NP 4 Business Car M530 PS   GALLATIN RIVER, ex-PULL NEWPORT, exx-PURETEST, nee-NEWPORT, 19163
NP 6 Business Car M530 PS   Ex-Pullman private car BOSTON, Lot #4211, Plan #2502A, 1914, sold 1941 to NP #6/JEFFERSON RIVER/GNW&B RISING GORGE/L.V. Rockafello1
NP 1989 Business Car M530 PS   Undergoing restoration at Iron Horse Central1
NP 204860 Business Car M530 PS   Awaiting restoration at Northwest Railway Museum2

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